Oman Frame

Educator, The Paideia School

Oman_child-240x300Oman Frame is a loving husband, proud father, and dedicated educator for the past ten years. He pursued a career in education because he firmly believes that through the passion and creativity he brings to the classroom, he can change the world one child at a time.

Oman attended the Hoosac School before matriculating at Hampton University where he graduated with a degree in Sociology. His first job was in the municipal court system in Atlanta where, as a bailiff, he witnessed first-hand the havoc that a lack of education and opportunity created. After two years with the courts, during which time he began working with young people as a lacrosse coach, he realized that in order to effect the change he wanted to see in the world, he needed to go to the front line and get his hands dirty. Thus, an educator was born.

Reflecting upon his own experience as one of only five African Americans at the Hoosac School, Oman chose to teach in independent schools primarily for the students of color who needed the insight and support he could bring. He realized immediately that he found his calling and spent the next five years at Graland Country Day School where he taught 6th grade history and led a highly inspirational trip to the Southwest United States where students were able to directly experience the role Native Americans played in the development of the country.

Oman’s journey led him back to Atlanta where he spent two years at KIPP: South Fulton Academy, a public charter school in Southwest Atlanta, where he was able to devote his considerable talents to a historically underserved community. While there, he was recognized by Channel 11 News as a “class act teacher.” This award was especially significant as he was nominated by the parents of his students. His 5th grade KIPPsters achieved a 92% passing rate on the Georgia Criterion Referenced Competency Test — a nearly 20 percentage point jump — and an impressive 96% passing rate on the State Writing Test.

He currently teaches 7th and 8th grade at Paideia School where he has co-developed a rigorous curriculum on race, class, and gender in the junior high that is now taught in multiple classes on campus. Oman also helped to design and coordinate the Race and Gender Day at Paideia which gives voice to the unique experiences of students of color at independent schools.

Diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder and Dyslexia after graduating from Hampton, Oman discovered a root cause for many of the struggles he faced as a student. His ability to embrace his difference and assist students facing the same challenges earned him the distinction of having his story published in the book, “Delivered From Distraction.” He has attended the People of Color Conference for nine years and presented at the annual Georgia Independent School Association Conference. He is married with a two year-old daughter and can often be seen pedaling his bicycle through the streets of Atlanta with a huge smile lighting his face.

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